Moss Art Quilts   
  Gillian Moss

Hello There, and thank you for finding your way to my website.

GILLIAN MOSS, originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland now living in California.

I have been quilting on and off now for about 20 years. In 2008 I finally found the courage to submit a piece for a major quilt show in California and it was accepted. Since then I have been more focused as an artist. I have been experimenting, developing my own voice and style. I am an Art Quilter, so the work you will see on this site should be viewed just like a painting for your wall.

The love of color and pattern is what drives my designs. I was never a quilter who worked from patterns or kits so it has taken a while to find my voice.  Now found, this voice has been getting louder and clearer and today I feel more sure of my design direction.

What do you get when you look at or choose to live with one of my quilts? Some work is based on stories or  events  from part of my life. Others are abstract art quilts,  they have evolved from working with the fabric, color and pattern. You will find little observations and some quirky Irish humor thrown in for good measure. None of the above are gong to slap you in the face. What I really hope, is that you will find a little piece of yourself  in my quilts, something that will touch you and that you can connect to. Enjoy –